Friday, April 7, 2017

Things my daughter doesn't like:

1. Loud noises, unless she is making them. This includes the vacuum cleaner (in our home or if she hears it in another apartment through the closed door) and blow dryers in public bathrooms. “I was soooooo neeeeeerfous!”

2. Toilets that flush automatically. Right there with you, kid. (Combined with her fear of hand dryers, public bathrooms are really exciting for us.)

3. When I don’t answer her right away. “WHY YOU NOT SAYING ANYFING.” You must chill, I have hidden your keys.

4. Being asked to repeat herself (“I just said!”), unless I want her to stop saying something like “chunkits” over and over and over and over and over again.

5. “Fispy” food. She told me pineapple was spicy last week. #eyeroll

6. The wind. Her number one nemesis. Ever since Alex “joked” about her blowing away. This fear ranges from obsessive questioning “I not going to blow away?” to sobbing, clinging mess.

7. Anything that can be described as a “beeping sound.” The intermittent ding of batteries in a carbon-monoxide detector dying, a fire alarm at music class, cars honking at trucks in the alley. One time a squirrel “quacking” on the porch scared her to tears because she “didn’t know what that beeping sound was.”