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2015, in one post

Spring #risotto
These excerpts from my journal provide a montage of Georgia’s first year with food. In internet speak, she was EBF before BLW.  We followed the baby-led weaning approach because of its emphasis on eating together, letting her feed herself, and feeding her what we eat. This seems to have worked well for Georgia whose appetite and tastes as a toddler have far surpassed mine as a teenager—and are, in fact, on par with my current food intake.

January 2015

We started sitting G in her high chair during lunch and letting her get used to some foods. She's played with cucumber, apple, carrot, butternut squash so far.


Georgia has expanded her edible play treats to lettuce. It is very easy to clean up. I am so proud of her when she's playing with food and she hasn't even really eaten anything yet.


She has had green beans and toast and pita—taking bites of both breads, but I panicked before she could try chewing/swallowing.

February 2015

Georgia ate the most she's ever eaten today. She had a whole parsnip (in pieces) and a strip of chicken—balled up. She is also taking sips of water from a straw I fill. Post-meal forensic reconstruction was very exciting today. Tomorrow: sweet potato, beans, cucumber are the options.


Georgia is not particularly interested in cauliflower, though her enthusiasm peaked for the cauliflower as we had it: oiled, salted, spicy, garlicky, and covered in sausage drippings. She tasted lime and mustard today. The mustard made her eyes water, but she kept going back to the lime.


Georgia is currently enjoying a pear. She took one big bite, tried to swallow, and gagged a few times to spit it out—I am much more relaxed about choking, seeing her learn to manage too-big pieces.

March 2015

She ate "gruel" today: hemp milk overnight oats with frozen-from-summer peaches and cinnamon. It was not not messy.


We had lunch at Pleasant House yesterday and she ate cod, beets, and potatoes. I made her a little plate of cheese, strawberries, lettuce, and avocado the other day but she wasn't very interested. She didn't love hemp milk gruel with strawberries either and ate cheese off the floor instead.


Gave G a crumb of chocolate donut. She also tasted the foam of my latte at Nightwood. Hoping she likes the new flavor and always keeps an open mind.

April 2015

I am concerned that she wants to be eating MORE. She grunts when we aren't feeding her fast enough or are eating in front of her. Planning to increase her diet as the farmers' market season unfolds makes me more at ease.


Everything about Georgia's life seems to be food related. From my pregnancy diet to my breastfeeding diet to her first foods. What I could eat, what I couldn't, when I could eat, how I could eat, when I could cook, what I could cook. One-handed, no dairy, good fats, protein, no salami, peanut allergy fears, take-out, finally having time/hands to make risotto, where we could go out to eat. Rainbow cone after low-carb diet. No booze.

But it feels like we are coming into the home stretch: Georgia is approaching the one-year mark (which expands the allergen foods), the farmers' markets are about to bloom, and we have established a rhythm that allows for cooking time and shopping excursions and restaurant adventures.

Just in time for summer's food bounty, Georgia appears to have four top teeth coming in.

May 2015

Thought I should write down a few of the things she's been eating lately:

B: oatmeal (overnight oats) w/ grated apple
L: asparagus w/ green onion risotto
D: turkey and white bean chili w/ lettuce

B: clementine
L: pad Thai
D: fish, asparagus, potatoes

She's also a big fan of pizza crust, smoothies, and yogurt bites. She  is also VERY into the rhubarb crisp I attempt to eat without her.


She has a new thing where she puts both hands up to her face—fists to mouth—while eating, to keep everything in?

I love her tremendously.

June 2015

I am becoming concerned about her diet, thinking I should be making sure to feed her rounded meals vs. just letting her have a pear or a piece of toast. More veggies, more protein, more fats.


Georgia now enjoying some taco filling (summer squash and kohlrabi greens snuck in) while I peruse a new cookbook. Breakfast was sweet potato pancakes and strawberries. Lunch: chicken, peas, and broccoli.

July 2015

Grandmother enjoyed seeing Georgia, who she called "wonderful" and also "a piece of work" by the end. She tried to sneak G an m&m—I saw the red on her lips.


We had oatmeal pancakes and blueberries for breakfast. I like to split her pancakes in half and spread with peanut butter.

August 2015

Yesterday at Green City Market she "graduated" from Club Sprouts, which means she successfully tasted 8 market items over the summer. The final items for her to taste were the grapes she had been snacking on all week. She was pointing at them and yelling as we approached the table, so: a sure thing.

She had a quesadilla for dinner and leveled up on fork use: spearing and guiding food to her mouth for consumption.

September 2015

Last night at Medici, Georgia grabbed one of our onion rings and ate the whole thing right up. I was so proud.

October 2015

Georgia can climb into her high chair. She likes to do this and then surprise us when we walk into the room.

November 2015

She looooooooves pasta. And pomegranates.

Today she helped me whisk eggs for lunch.

December 2015

Georgia's first word over meatballs and Brussels sprouts and rosé this afternoon:


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