Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to have a great birthday – part two

I have had two great birthdays in a row. Because I’ve got a method. And the method works. A little bit of planning, some luck, and a positive attitude (read: Taylor Swift radio, all day) are all you need for a special day.
Step one: The Buddy System.

It’s a given that you should take off work for your birthday. But if you want to have a really great day, have your best friend take off work, too.
Step two: Adventures in nature.

After a quick stop at the farmers’ market (first Nichols strawberries of the year! #birthdaymiracle), today we visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. It was beautiful. And they were giving away tomato plants. Based on my past history as a plant mother, Alex advised me not to name mine.
Step three: Drop dollahs.

My birthday is a true “treat yoself” endeavor. “It’s the best day of the YEAAAr!” However, as a budgeter, I do have some thrifty tips for accomplishing this.
  • Spend gift cards! You know you’ve got them! I found three oldies that added up to $50 today. #birthdaymiracle2
  • Go buy something you’ve been putting off. Spending money is fun. That’s just a fact. I’ve been coveting a rug and unable to pull the trigger. Today, I applied the three pounds of pressure necessary for bullet release. And it turned out my rug was in stock and I took it home with me today. #birthdaymiracle3

Step four: The pursuit of deliciousness.
Breakfast: Do-rite Donuts’s pistachio takes cake to a whole new morning-time level.
Lunch: Picnic on the lake featured salami/cornichon sandwiches, olive couscous salad, asparagus, and strawberries, straight from the market.
Dinner: One word: Nightwood. Many words: Scallops/ramps/garlic toast. Chocolate cherry bombe/bourbon caramel ice cream.
Happy my birthday to you! Hope it was a good one!