Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It can't all be wedding cake – but it is on your wedding day

You guys! Alex and I got married last month to celebrate our ten-year anniversary! High-school sweethearts, best friends, enrolling in the ultimate family plan.
And no one used the word “finally,” which, let’s be honest, would have really bothered me.
(Yeah, this post is a little late, but I felt reflective this evening making dinner and listening to snap caps fly around the living room. Married life.)
To quote Betsy Ray (another Midwest girl who wed her sweetheart on a September afternoon), “...all of the guests were relatives or old, old friends. There was something heartwarming, Betsy thought, about a small wedding like this where everyone knew and loved you.”

That’s just what we had. But with more fantastic food, beer, and dancing. (No offense to Betsy.)
Imma break down the highlights:
  • Wearing mom’s turquoise cuff, which I also wore to Mairead’s wedding back in the day, as my something borrowed, old, and blue. Ah, traditions.
  • Guests have reported that a homeless man who resides at the ceremony site joined us for the vows. Not entirely unexpected.
  • The food. We celebrated at Owen & Engine. Of I-really-like-it-there fame. It’s home to Alex’s and my favorite cheeseburger in town. And it feels like home, too. We had juicy, dripping burgers with sweet caramelized onions, crispy fish and chips—with a-mah-zing malt vinegar aioli—, roasted vegetables, salad, and warm, doughy pretzels with mustard beer sauce.
  • The booze. Sure, it technically “isn’t classy” for brides to be drunk. But I was only drunk when we left. So that’s probably all right. The drinks were delicious. Craft beers on tap, including Bell’s Amber and Revolution Oktoberfest. Red, white, and sparkling wine, read: bright, bubbly glasses of cava. And a signature cocktail of Pimm’s, Hendricks, lemon and, yes, more cava, made just for me? Try and keep me from that bar.
  • The cake. I decided at the last minute that I wanted to slice a cake. I wanted to make toppers. And I’ve never been so happy I ditched a load of cupcakes. We got thick stripes of salted caramel buttercream layered between dark chocolate crumb. Full disclosure: I ate three slices for breakfast the next morning.
  • The dancing. I’m pretty sure I’m the next Isadora Duncan—my dancing inspires people. Or maybe it was that open bar that was so important to us… nonetheless, we dance partied. 

I loved it. I loved every second of it.


  1. where can I buy that tie groom is wearing?

    1. I got it on etsy but it looks like the shop is closed! Not sure if it's the plaid or the #yellowandgrey you are interested in, but here are some others we considered:

      Yellow gingham, swoon!