Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ladies’ night, Perennial edition

Man! Last week the TBB ladies took ladies’ night to a whole new level. We finally got ourselves over to dinner at Perennial Virant, and it was worth the wait. The early dinner crowd on Tuesdays is pretty light, giving us ample opportunity to chat up the waiter and enjoy a few rounds of... delicious, well-prepared seasonal veg (including ramps, asparagus, and rhubarb).
I started the evening with a glass of Cava Rose, a delightful aperitif that whet my appetite for the more complex and intriguing cocktails on the menu. The Rhubarbieri followed with dinner, because who doesn’t want a little gin punch with fried cheese curds? Perennial’s menu is satisfyingly seasonal and catered perfectly to our ladies-who-share system, as we leaned heavily on the appetizer and snack sections, then split one entree and one dessert.
The meal: bar snacks (fried cheese curds, pickles, corn nuts), vinegary asparagus salad with hard boiled egg, Midwest cheese plate, creamy polenta cakes over and under grilled ramps, pickled and grilled asparagus, and mushroom puree, and chocolate cake with white coffee ice cream. The kind of meal that reminds you can eat local, seasonal, farmer at peak levels of pleasure.
Sisters are doing it for themselves.

High on inspiring locavation, we took the party to the Four Seasons for a little gin and juice. We might not be blogging, but we certainly are ballin’.

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  1. Love y'alls ordering plan. This looks fantastic! Great review.