Monday, April 23, 2012

Shaved Close, more on asparagus

Some days, you just can’t get enough. You can’t get enough time... because you spent all evening on the Internet searching for teal jackets. You can’t get enough money, so you seriously consider entering a sleep study at ye olde local research hospital. And you can’t get enough asparagus. Even though you should really be trying to eat more variety.

So to mix it up you stop cooking the asparagus. And you shave it instead.
When you don’t have time and you do have shaved asparagus, let me suggest buying a ham and cheese croissant, tossing the pretty green ribbons with some pesto, and then stuffing them into the croissant’s buttery hollow.
This may be my greatest accomplishment. I’m not kidding. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell.) The ease level to delicious ratio is off the charts on this one. And it’s portable, which makes this stuffed pastry my new picnic sandwich.
When you’ve got more time, and less money, dress the strips in lemon juice and olive oil and serve alongside some classic budget-friendly cheesy baked mac. Raw veg, warm pasta, lemony zing, sharp cheddar, a flavorful textural delight.
I’m not reinventing the donut here, just offering some advice to my old friend lettuce—watch your back, cap.  Because raw asparagus is mad versatile and cray cray delicious.


  1. I loved the shaved asparagus salad. Perhaps even more than the zingy baked cheese mac.

  2. REALLY wish I could eat this.