Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marvelous asparagus

If I’m not careful, this post is going to sound like, “Asparagus, asparagus, asparagus—spring? Asparagus. Eggs!”

So be it.
It’s spring! And asparagus is back! Crisp, green, vegetable, new, fresh—everything I’ve hoped for since I turned on potatoes last month. I’m buying five pounds a week at the market. It is marvelous.
Mostly we eat it roasted or blanched, with pesto or lemon or smothered in bright yolky runoff, which is satisfying and delectable. But I made brunch on Sunday using the recipe Paul Virant provides for the pickled asparagus we half succeeded in canning last week, and it was legit restaurant-quality flavor.
He starts with crunchy roasted asparagus, then calls for prosciutto and a runny fried egg, and tops it all with a vinaigrette made from pickling liquid, chopped pickled asparagus, dijon, and fresh spring onions. Bangarang. Flavor-splosion!
Prosciutto and asparagus and yolk? A-mah-zing. Obvs. But the star of this dish is truly the vinaigrette, finished with basil, in our case, it was sweet and tangy and complex.
I don’t mean to be super impressed with myself, I know all I did was follow instructions, but it’s exciting to have that level of food coming out of my own kitchen.

The countdown to our next Preservation Kitchen project begins now.

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  1. Pickle meister! I like how excited and inspired you are from a cookbook. Those are the best!