Thursday, February 23, 2012

College hometown reunion

I spent last weekend in Boston, revisiting the town of my university years with the friends that made it special. While I did complete a “weeping for my youth” walking tour of campus (with a snack stop at Noodle Street for spicy cabbage NS rolls and a dip into the GSU to see BU’s foray into food court green-ovation) and made a stop at Anna’s Taqueria for a burrito-dilla (as is tradition), much of the weekend consisted of new sites and a broadening of my view of beantown. 
It was thus that I added two new things to my list of favorite Boston activities:

1. Tromping around the Arnold Arboretum with my new best friend Rusty (who has strong anti-paparazzi sentiments but allowed a hilltop shot of his majestic profile).
The Bussey Meadow might be a good place to drop a dead body, but I was impressed with the variety of landscaping (from casual park to hike-able wilderness) on which to picnic and stroll at the Arnold Arboretum. To be fair, raised as a flatlander, I’m almost always impressed by hills.
2. Drinking beer at the Harpoon Brewery.
During my one year of legal Boston residency, I drank my fair share of UFO over french fries, sitting in the Alice-in-Wonderland-esque booth at the Beacon Street Tavern, but I never made it down to the Harpoon mecca off the perplexing silver line bus. (Two words: bus tunnel.) BeerUnion’s friend Mike provided a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the Harpoon tanks and lab, while introducing us to new brews (including the distinctly improved UFO white). Plus, I learned some valuable lessons about which brewing machines you can climb in and which you can’t.
I’ll tell you what: We had a billboard time.


  1. Best weekend in Boston. Miss everybody... tear...

  2. Love this! Looks like so much fun. Glad you learned important information re: brewing machine climability, ate great food, and had great weather.