Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My valentine took me to dinner at Nightwood to celebrate our unforgivable love this evening...and wow! Let me talk you through it:

  • First course: fried artichokes, sweet and sour egg yolk, and podda over fresh spinach salad.
  • Second course: Spit-roasted strip steak, whipped potatoes, onion rings, creamed spinach.
  • Third course: Steamed meyer lemon pudding for Alex and marshmallow semifreddo for me.

Every bite of the meal was perfectly composed. Six clean plates left our table. I feel like the owl who fell for the violet glow of the taxi meter in The Marzipan Pig. Love! Love! Love.


  1. Looks and sounds amazing. Love those little heart things in the semifreddo!

    PS your new logo font rocks!

  2. Or to quote the pig (or was it the first mouse? or both): Sweet.