Friday, January 27, 2012

Cuppa and cake

Move over, Curious George—there’s a new cupcake in my life.
NYC’s Magnolia Bakery opened a few blocks from our office and has become a meeting spot for afternoon tea and a persistent reason for field trips. (We naturally frequent the area, anyway—Magnolia is slotted in a prime spot between Anthro and Steve Madden.)
I took my newest SM boots on one such a trip with the TBB ladies this afternoon. It was thence, giddy on old-timey vibes and trying not to lick the enticing mint green accents, that I met my new favorite cupcake, and its name is pistachio. That’s right: I’ve fallen for Magnolia’s Friday special, the pistachio cupcake with pistachio meringue buttercream. Need I go on?
The cognac-colored cake matched my new boots and, more notably, its light crumb has a marzipan-esque flavor that makes me ecstatic I changed my policy on marzipan. Most notably, however, was how extraordinarily the nutty cake paired with the sticky, vanilla-laden frosting. Magnolia gets top marks from me on this scrumptious creation—and that’s before I add points for real ingredients and no added preservatives.
The bakery wins the bonus round with their tea selection: cue the appearance of family favorite Harney & Sons. Their organic peppermint literally changed my life.

Oh, Magnolia. You got me.
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  1. You guys have a Magnolia!!! LOVE their buttercream icing!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks -- I find cupcakes are incredibly photogenic!

  3. I love your boots! And that cupcake looks so delish.

    1. I pinned 'em on Thursday night and hunted them down during my lunch on Friday -- it was pure boot lust!