Monday, January 23, 2012

Combating winter

We’ve hit the desolate patch of winter where potatoes abound with no end in sight. Too far from the sunny reaches of the glimmering hope of spring produce, we’ve had to turn to other sources to break through the bleak spud-filled landscape.
While January is a tough month for local fruit, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the bounty we put up this summer. Frozen strawberries and canned peaches make an extraordinary smoothie—particularly when combined with Greek yogurt. I think the honey we used in the canning liquid makes it especially delicious. 
We enjoyed this treat alongside lemon-pistachio muffins for breakfast yesterday, before heading out on a wintry stroll. 
The sky was low and the wind was brisk—as was our pace on the return trip, eager as we were to dig in to the light and crispy baguette we acquired along our route. Avocados and clementines sat atop a salad for lunch, with pistachios for texture and balsamic for tang. (My favorite dressing right now is a grated clove of garlic whisked into a spoonful of country dijon, a few tablespoons of balsamic, and a few tablespoons of olive oil.) Clementines may not be local, but they are ripe, in season, and pair wonderfully with avocado. The combination of creamy richness and juicy citrus made for a bright, filling meal along with the spoils of our journey.
I find a brisk walk is a fine way to work up an appetite. So were the 19 minutes of UFC training Alex put me through this evening because I’ve been asking him wrestling questions ever since we watched Warrior at the beginning of the month. I punched, elbowed, and leg-tossed our laundry bag in an epic, pre-dinner match. Good thing we don’t fold and put away our clean clothes for a few days, or I’d’ve had no opponent. Sherlock Holmes without his Moriarty. (Alex can be Watson.)


  1. That salad looks great. I'll add some (organic) avocados to my Peapod list.

  2. What a lovely smoothie! This makes me wish I had my act together for canning/freezing. Also it reminds me of college :) Did you feel good when you ate it? I mean, besides the fact that you were eating fruit. Ethically good.

    1. It went down real smooth. Totally inspired by our college eats--as you know, frozen fruit won't blend without peach liquid.