Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Affogato ’bout it!

We may have ended 2011 with a land war in Asia, sparked, of course, by Alex’s aggression on the border of my empire, but we started 2012 with brunch-time peace talks at the Purple Pig. Peace is good.
We ordered a few 2011 favorites (the fried deviled egg isn’t dinner-only anymore, if you know what I mean (what I mean is that they are now serving it for lunch as well)), but the new year brought some new standouts. In particular, I fell for the artichoke, fingerling potato, salami salad—a mesmerizing combination of salt, tang, and veggie goodness. And we upgraded the gianduia soft-serve to the affogato option—as in, chocolate hazelnut soft-serve doused in espresso.
2012 progress report: good decisions so far.


  1. That salad looks delicious. Could you replicate?

  2. I picked up some fingerlings at the Farmstand yesterday – we'll see how it goes!