Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to store fresh herbs (get excited!)

Our dining room table requires my immediate attention after serving as an ultimate drop-zone during a particularly sloppy behavior week on my part, so I’ll make this quick: I’ve found out how to store fresh herbs so they keep without wilting! …Google told me.

I’ve tried keeping fresh herbs outdoors as plants (which isn’t a year-round option for Chicago), indoors in live format as well (only to be thwarted by some tiny white bugs that take over the leaves in the absence of wind), and wrapped in paper towels in the fridge (but they never seem to last for more than a couple of days).  Buying a bunch of cilantro is economical enough, but feels like a waste unless I dedicate three squares a day to the herb for as long as it lasts. I’m all for using the rest in pesto (if you catch it in time—is there anything worse than discovering the herbs had gone overnight?), but was still looking for a way to keep herbs fresh in the fridge for longer.
Behold! A glass of water—and a plastic baggy! This contraption is the herb saver I’ve been looking for! It is truly amazing, I have no idea how it works—some sort of greenhouse effect must happen. All you do is settle your herbs in a glass of water and top with a plastic bag. Change out the water every few days and enjoy the miracle of life. I kept cilantro in my fridge for two weeks! Dill bought Saturday was as fresh in potato leek soup on Monday as it was in a broccoli, cheddar frittata on Thursday, and still is in my fridge right now!

You are welcome.


  1. Exciting indeed! And in an adorable glass. No longer will I shy away from buying herbs.

  2. Sham's dad told me last week to do the paper towel thing, but this looks genius!

  3. I still have parsley (flat and curly) in my herb garden. I'm going to cut some tomorrow and try this!

  4. This is amazing! Works beautifully!