Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Alphabet – Christmas edition

a is for Advent calendar 

is for Bubbly cheer 

is for Cookies 

is for Decor 

is for Extra crispy Brussels sprouts

is for Festively wrapped presents

is for Glowing sunsets 

is for Hunting trees in the wild 

is for Illumination

j  is for Jingle bells 

is for Kin in the kitchen

is for Little herb bushes as Christmas trees 

m is for Monkey business at Target 

is for New truck

is for Old-fashioned transport

is for Puppy 

is for Queen of fashion

is for Ribbons 

is for Snowman 

is for Traditions

is for Unwrapped paper

is for Very patient dog

is for Wishing for snow 

is for X-mas ornaments

is for Yoe "cooking"

is for Zoo lights


  1. A perfect primer on how to have a Merry Christmas -- right down to the A to Z of it!

  2. Loved by Luc and Maisie -- perfect distraction from arguing over toys!

  3. Love this post and idea! Also loved experiencing it with you. Thank you for being my sister!