Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your meatballs are done cooking and you never put a pot of water on to boil? #Meatballproblems

Please don’t let that Jersey Shore reference keep you from enjoying this write up of our most recent Sunday lunch. We had spaghetti meatballs, and they were tasty. 
The meal started with a classic meatball recipe, but I subbed out the milk-soaked bread for ½ cup of whole-wheat breadcrumbs and went 100% beef for the meat. We used all fresh herbs, grown locally and picked that day, and I highly recommend doing the same. Fresh basil, parsley, and oregano each added brightness and subtle complexity to the meal. Grow an herb-an garden, or do your laundry at the house of someone who does. (This advice is getting very, very specific.)
Meatballs: Moist, cheesy, browned, and braised in tomato sauce, perched atop spaghetti! Bonus: these ones didn’t roll out the front door.
I guess that’s all there is to it—if I’ve learned anything from Jersey Shore, it’s that meatballs speak for themselves. And also that spray tans aren't the answer. 


  1. There's evidently MUCH MORE to learn from Jersey Shore. Consider dropping by next Friday's (Oct. 28) UChicago conference on the topic:

  2. Delicious! That last photo is so gorgeous.

  3. OK also I may or may not have just watched that clip and I think I finally understand why you and others watch that show. WOW.

  4. Also where are they living? Why are there broken drawers? It looks like an abandoned apartment but with a hot tub in it...