Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I did this week (when I wasn't biking around and taking pictures of leaves)

It’s been a long, full week here. I started off in NYC with some bachelorette and bridal events—a lot of memberabilia make the hen party photos inappropriate for the Internet, so I can only show you the ceiling of the drag club where we met livin’ large advocate Patty LaBeef. You’ll have to imagine the blended cosmos, lemon drop shots, and sloppy karaoke. The shower was a tamer, tea-themed afternoon at Alice’s Tea Cup, complete with scones, cucumber and ham sandwiches, and champagne (not that the bridal party wanted it).
Yeah, it's blurry... I took it with one eye.
Later in the week, Alex and I hit half-price bowling, a standing dinner engagement on Wednesday, and then on Thursday we had the pleasure of attending a pumpkin carving party—to which I brought my new snack specialty: popcorn pretzel treats. 5 ounces of marshmallows melted into 3 tablespoons salted butter, mixed with 2-ish cups of pretzels and 5-ish cups of popcorn (1/3 cup unpopped kernels).  Spread on a cookie sheet and cut into bars. Salty sweet explosion!
It will come as no surprise to regular readers that Friday found us at PHB for the weekly fish fry, and Saturday morning was a stop at the Original Pancake House. Then we spent a lovely afternoon apple picking. (Or, throwing half-eaten apples at trees and hoping the high-boughed fruits would fall down to us. Turns out we’re those people.)
Fall rolls on!


  1. And so does your rollicking commentary. Loved the G-rated pix.

  2. Or did I mean PG? Wonder where the G string of thought came from?

  3. I really love this post and the photos. Reminds me to ask you about NYC! Sorry I haven't yet. Bananas autumn. The one of you is so cute! Alex too. Tell him to stop crying. And the crates! Order of cuteness: Hanz, crates, Alex. I just shared that snack recipe with my co-workers. Genius! I might try adapting it to be Sham-friendly...