Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We’re here for the smiles.

Could I have called this “Pleasant bangers are bangin’” and sounded clever? And should I just change the name of this blog to “Hannalapleasanthouse”? 

Yes. This is another post about dinner at Pleasant House Bakery. What? I can’t help it! I’m an anglophile and the food is so good and the location so convenient and I don’t feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren.
I knocked out a big project in the office realm today. (A real project with words and pages, not a project like last week when all my Internet friends thought I must be a kindergarten teacher.) (I don’t actually have Internet friends.) (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) (Sorry about all the parentheticals.)
So, after nailing professionalism, the fella and I were ready for some serious dinner… but I wasn’t about to make it. It was time to find a fact in my brain and apply it to my life: Wednesday is bangers and mash night at PHB. Bangarang, indeed.
Alex was hungrier than I had realized and finished his helping in record time. 
We re-upped with an order of deluxe chips—thick cut fried potatoes smothered in rich gravy and topped with sharp melted cheddar and crispy bits of tender steak. Blimey—what a perfect meal for the first chilly night of September. Also perfect: the news from Morgan that, in addition to the awaited patio, PHB has a foodtruck and a brunch menu in the works!
I had hoped for the elusive s’mores tart for dessert, but it is quickly becoming my white whale. (Yes, Mom, I’ve read Moby-Dick.) We took a slice of the almond honey tart for the road and are enjoying it mid-Thor. A movie about a guy with a hammer seemed the most appropriate end to bangers and mash night. 

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  1. "Who'd like a banger in the mouth? Oh, right, I forgot, here in the states you call it a sausage in the mouth!"

    Anyone, anyone? Tell me you watched Arrested Development!

    But have you read Moby-Dick entirely? I totally skimmed...