Friday, September 30, 2011

To do: Make “paella.”

Today is my day off but I’ve got no time to do whatever it is my mom is always saying about laurels.  I emailed myself a very rigorous to-do list yesterday as I was leaving work and it is time to get cracking (looking forward to “Buy butter and caramels” and “Attend ‘burrito festival’”).  I’m running a little behind because of an unexpected errand proving that I repped a neon tracksuit back in the day.  In a minute I’m going to have to get dressed quicker than a little rabbit in a cat fight, but for now I’m enjoying item 5, “Eat radishes for breakfast.” Heavy on the butter. (Probably why I need more.)
Luckily, last night’s items went off very well. In addition to the scheduled “Wrap presents” and an early execution of today’s “Buy dog food,” I was very pleased with the first to-do I mapped out: “Make paella.”
This “easy” paella is as inauthentic as they come (fear of burning stopped me from allowing a crust to form), but delicious, nonetheless. Always looking out for the little man, Martha Stewart has made this recipe approachable and affordable by replacing the traditional saffron with a combination of paprika and turmeric (which is crazy good for you). The other spices still provide the crucial yellow coloring and spicy warmth, though without the exotic perfume (and price) of saffron.
A dish that may have been a little bland was elevated by spicy chicken sausage.  This one ingredient flavors the whole dish with heat and extra salty goodness, so get good, tasty stuff. I substituted the shrimp for green beans to up the vegetable quotient of our meal and served the rice alongside a simple salad of lettuces tossed in lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Alex has requested more brown rice and fewer dishes, and this fit the bill as part of the one-pot series. ...but we had help with the dishes anyway.


  1. Knightley had to earn his dog food (and his unlisted, but very welcome, Martha Stewart squirrel, with the two-nut pouch.

  2. I am never good at those one pot meals. Something to try for.

    That picture of Knightley is just adorable.