Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Staycation 2011 (the 100th post)

It’s been pretty quiet around here for a while, due in part to a mini vacation we took this weekend—“mini” both in length and in number of typical vacation activities. There was sleeping, to counter balance the shut-eye I’ve missed since Knightley moved in (though his rest hasn’t seemed to suffer any). There was a failed attempt at karaoke—even if I sang this on the bus all the way home (you are welcome, fellow #6 patrons). And, of course, there was eating, just not anything new or interesting. 
House guests, am I right?
I haven’t felt compelled to post about our primary dish of late, tomatoes, because, as far as recipes go, I got this one from my mother. Slice it, salt and pepper. The tomatoes we’ve been getting from the market don’t need much else (though mozzarella never hurts). 
My other favorite dishes lately all share a similar theme: cauliflower with pesto, tomatoes with pesto, and popcorn with pesto. All three have great flavor, great texture, and great ease of preparation.
You should put pesto on popcorn. That was post worthy. I promise to keep you better informed of fantastic snack ideas in the future.
On Saturday, my return to bed after taking Knightley on his rounds resulted in missing the HP farmers’ market, so on Sunday we ventured north to the Pilsen market to procure goods. It had a nice vibe but suffered from too many baked goods and only one vegetable stand. Nevertheless, it was nice to see the folks from Pleasant House Bakery there.

It was also nice to experience some cooler weather. Autumn! Leaves! Chill! We took a few strolls to campus, wearing layers and sniffling in the wind. I loved it, I loved every second of it.
For Labor Day, I accompanied Alex, dressed like a lumberjack, and Knightley, who insisted on wearing a fur coat, to a family BBQ. We went a few rounds in bananagrams and played pop5. Here are some of the clues that Alex missedfeel free to show him up by guessing correctly in the comments. 
TV show!
Alex’s mom made her famous guacamole and pasta salad, as well as a large platter of grilled meats—of which I did not indulge as I’ve just seen Forks over Knives on netflixinstant and I’m considering a cutback on animal products. Not to include butter or cheese, obviously. Salami is also safe. I guess this is securely in the “consideration” stage. Lucky for him.


  1. Staycation for the win!

    Also, congratulations on this being your 100th post!

  2. Baywatch and Richard Simmons?

    If yes, we are clearly sisters.

  3. Pesto on popcorn? I see a movie night in my future.

  4. Pesto on popcorn! A revelation!

    Shocked that Alex didn't get Baywatch. Shocked that I didn't get Richard Simmons. In my defense though, I didn't know we were playing.

  5. You are right, Tobs, context of why I sent that to you would have helped. Let's make it more fair: I'm miming you a clue right now. What is it?