Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn dinner two ways: soup and salad

We had two extra delicious, farm fresh, cool weather dinners this week, and I thought it would be appropriate to share the recipes with you fine people.
The first noteworthy recipe has already been well photographed and written up over at smittenkitchen: Roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar. Tomato season is slipping away from us and I fear I’m not ready to let go. If this is to be our last tomato hurrah, at least we made it a good one. The tomatoes ooze sweetness and flavor when roasted, and I love a kick of red pepper in tomato soup. The real hero: rye and cheddar toasts. I may have skipped the mug presentation, but I wouldn’t skip the cheesy counterpart to tomato soup—a little grated onion between bread and cheese elevates these dippers to a full on rainstorm of delicious.
I found the second gem recipe during a routine perusal of one of Martha Stewart’s numerous recipe galleries: Quinoa-and-apple salad with curry dressing. Despite discovering this recipe early in the week and visiting my Thursday market with a plan in mind, I had surprisingly few of the ingredients needed on hand when I went to compile the dish last night.  I don’t want to put Martha on blast, but I’m pretty sure I made her salad better.
The easiest replacement was, of course, raisins for currants. Who doesn’t have half a container of (extra dried) raisins honey-glued to the back of the pantry wobbly bookshelf next to the fridge? 
The shallot became a tiny white onion I bought from Nichols on account of how nicely it fit in the palm of my hand. Lastly, instead of herby mint, I mixed in torn, spicy arugula.
You don't make your dressing in the bottom of the serving bowl? Are you serious, bro?
Juicy honey crisp apples, warm curry, tangy lemon, crunchy almonds, and grainy quinoa complete this hearty salad. Outstanding. This seasonal perfection is slotting right on in to the regular dinner rotation (which now looks like: Pleasant House Bakery, quinoa and apple salad, Pleasant House Bakery, breakfast for dinner, goldfish and milkshake night, repeat).
And I bet it travels really well! To work for lunch? To school for potluck night? To the living room for Parks and Rec. reruns? Yeah. That feels right.

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  1. Love Parks and Rec! Still need to watch this week's.

    I already wanted to make this but now I really do. I think I will on Monday or Tuesday?

    Love your routine food rotation. Wish I could have that cheesy toast!