Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pleasant weekend – Photo diary

Alex and I spent a solid portion of our weekend at Pleasant House Bakery, resulting in a very pleasant break, indeed. As suspected, we stopped in on Friday night for the fish fry special and partook of flaky and moist fish (sustainability bonus!) coated in a thick, crispy, almost fluffy crust. Sitting on a bed of fat potato fries and served with tangy homemade tartar sauce, this fish was a perfect complement to the Oberon we had brought with. BYO success. The lusciously rich custard pie we sampled next paired less well, but was deeply delicious.
We biked back on Saturday afternoon for the “food, drink, and fun” associated with PHB’s gardening class. Set on their back patio to the tune of fall planning, there was much less actual gardening than I had dressed for. I could have been a farmer in those clothes. The session was informative and the snacks were lovely: cucumber dill-butter sandwiches, eggplant bruschetta, fresh iced tea, and amazing ginger cookies. If I weren’t already sold on fresh food tasting better, the snack-propaganda at this gardening class would have done it.
It looks like I also discovered instagram this weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you went to this! Especially dressed like a farmer. It sounds and looks fantastic! Also so glad you're on instagram!

    Can't wait to see your fall creations...

  2. Nice pairing. What clothes, may I ask?

  3. Big baggy Bell's t-shirt. Reppin' and missteppin'.