Friday, August 26, 2011

Obsessed with corn, part three

As I fear readers have grown tired of my weekly corn-praising updates, I will keep this post short. I’ve also run out of ways to say, “Sweet corn in season is so great!” To enrich my cornucopia of cob recipes, may I present this corn basil tart. It is herby, creamy, and corny. Real ladies luncheon material, if you know what I mean. 

My corn-related picks seem to be decreasing in health attributes and this one takes the tart with lots of butter, cream, and egg. But it is really delicious. The recipe is spot on—even though I skipped the one-hour cool your crust step. That’s not my style.
For dinner I paired the tart with big slices of heirloom tomato and roasted tomatillo salsa (four small tomatillos and one small onion roasted for 15–20 minutes, then pureed and splashed with Tabasco). For lunch, I topped it with a fresh tomato, cucumber, and radish salad.  
The cornmeal crust is like a packed cornbread, holding in the quiche-like corn and basil filling. It tastes homey and looks fancy! I believe the technical term for that is “win, win.”

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  1. When I win the lottery, can I hire you as my cook? Both of these look delicious.