Thursday, August 4, 2011

Save the pesto

Remember on Top Chef when the hot diabetic said that he would bathe in duck fat if he could? That’s how I feel about pesto. Except, probably not. I’d rather take all that pesto and freeze it for winter. I would eat pesto as soup. I SHOULD MAKE PESTO SOUP!  That has to be a thing. Not a soup “au pistou” as it were, but full on pesto soup. Hold the phone, I’m googling… You know what? I can do this on my own time—sorry.
The basil plant in our garden is exploding with more leaves than I can keep up with, so I figured it was about time I hoarded some for winter. Freezing pesto in ice cube trays is the preferred method of preservation—if you can stop yourself from using the pesto right away, that is. I ate a whole cube “testing” the puree. In the name of color protection, I added lemon juice, which normally doesn’t make its way into my pesto. Turns out the flavor is pretty legit.
I guess my freezer stash looks okay: a few pints of strawberries, one of raspberries, and now pesto. Canning tomatoes and peaches will make me feel better about what I’ve saved. Unfortunately, our tomato plants are taking over the plot with little output. The One Tomato has not grown or changed color—no signs of sun ripening or picking readiness. The garden isn’t all sob stories: garden neighbors are generous—dinner tonight was a salad of picked-five-minutes-ago fresh kale (thanks, Julie!). I saw this salad on shutterbean, and, kale lovers, you’ll want to take note: it is a game changer. Garlicky caesarish dressing, raw kale ribbons, toasted croutons—outstanding. You are welcome.


  1. I was at Trader Joe's last night and they sell cilantro like this, in little super wee individual cubes to include in recipes.