Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade grape popsicles

Popsicles! Wait, I think I’ve started in the wrong place. Let’s rewind.
On Thursday I impulse purchased a bin of grapes. They were up at the front and the first I’d seen this year. However, if we were hosting a tarts and vicars party, I’d be the vicar. I mean, if these grapes and I were playing Othello after school, they’d flip a desk when I won. What I’m trying to say is, they were sour grapes. 
I was going to make the ever-popular granita, but decided to mold the ice chips and make grape popsicles instead. My dad used to make orange juice popsicles and, though they seemed miraculous and were quite tasty, I always ended up sticky. Real sticky. Post-waffles sticky. I’m pleased to report that the technology has improved—our new 21st century popsicle molds come equipped with a juice catcher and spout!
For the popsicles, make a simple syrup of a ½ cup sugar dissolved over heat in two cups of water. Next time, I’m trying honey. Wash grapes and remove from stem (I had two cups of grapes before processing). Blend and pass through a sieve. Combine syrup with grape puree. Pour into molds and freeze.
The popsicles are delicious, sweet but with a strong acidity and general grapiness. There’s nothing like an icy fruit pop on a warm summer night. 


  1. They do look delicious. And you're right--the make-your-own-popsicle technology has definitely improved over the past decade.

  2. Two may be more appropriate.

  3. Those Popsicle holders are AMAZING. Great buy! P.S. Firefox made me capitalize Popsicle to be spelled correctly...

  4. Yum. In Jordan, friends of Fred (FoF) have so many grapes (green) on their vines that they pick clusters before they turn sweet then do what you did: put them in a blender and strain out the "must." (go ahead, make all the puns you must, righ here:..) Then they add sugar and water, chill and serve it as a summer drink. Yum. Of course, remember, this is Jordan, and these folks don't drink anything hard. They might never have thought of this if their frig was full of Bitter End.