Sunday, August 21, 2011

Corn fritters (or, We had pancakes for dinner again)

Well, we did a lot of eating out last week. My focus on buying peaches at the Saturday market caused us to run out of food around Tuesday. That sort of thing had been a recurring problem in the past, but one I’d thought we’d overcome. Shucks.
On Thursday I was able to re-up my produce stash and we had a simple dish that featured a delightful variety of vegetables. As such, I’d like to revisit the topic of fresh August sweet corn, this time, in the form of hot, savory fritters.  We’re eating our fair share of corn, boiled and buttered, grilled and buttered, and generally buttered, so these fritters mark an exception as they contain no butter—and you don’t miss it.
We topped the ’cakes with cool Greek yogurt and a crisp slaw of crunchy cabbage, red onion, zesty fradishes, and spicy watercress dressed in red wine vinegar and olive oil. A bounty of flavors to celebrate our renewed richness of veg!
The hearty pancakes have great texture from the whole kernels, bursting with juicy sweetness, and pair superbly with the raw, snappy slaw. Corn fritters are a delicious way to mix up your cob consumption. They are light enough for summer, and filling enough for supper.


  1. And they look amazing. How is it that something fried can manage to also look healthy?

  2. It's the lack of butter, don't you thin?

  3. I think as long as you put something green next to your fried food, it will cancel out all the bad.