Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two words: Tino. Or, Oberon sorbet.

This week I learned from my stepmother that my beloved Oberon could be turned into sorbet. Oberon sorbet. Oberon sorbet! Jordan Catalano’s gonna be there.

Let’s get started.
My stepmother’s recipe utilized simple syrup (sugar dissolved in water). Since I wanted more intense Oberon flavor, I considered melting the sugar directly into Oberon, boiling it down to concentrate the beer’s taste. That idea went out the window when I wasn’t willing to compromise alcohol content. Luckily Oberon has a best friend: orange.   
Dissolve one tablespoon of sugar in the juice of one orange, over heat. 
Remove from heat. Add the zest of that orange (1 heaping teaspoon) and one bottle of Oberon. Whisk. Freezer!  No, I’m not on yearbook anymore. Fuck off.
Raspberry granita turned out pretty well, lavender sorbet was un-photogenic but tasty, Oberon wins. Why aren’t I wearing plaid?
Win a hundred. This makes me lean against stuff. You understand. Frozen embryos is playing. It’s Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday. That’s how I know. God. Stay up forever and eat this!  Slightly bitter, citrus, let’s bolt.  Fresh, delicious. Can granita be my favorite food group? Don’t be above everyone, make this for them. It’s like so known.


  1. Sweet. And cool. Alas, Oberon isn't available here. What other beer do you think it would be good with?

  2. Wow, great revision of the recipe. I'll try that next time -- less sugar is better. Looks delicious. Ours is almost gone, so maybe I'll give this a go later in the week.

  3. Super tasty! I will be adding this to my list of necessary summer foods.

  4. Any wheaty, summery brew – one that pairs well with citrus!

  5. Oh, yum!! I am going to try it in California (Dunkelweizen?), and if that fails, try it under your supervision in Chicago. I'll let you know. But have you thought of adding THYME? (of course not. Why would you? and why would I ask? Because, inspired by *t*o*i*, (and hopefully helped by same...please??) I plan to start a Thyme blog...and Orange and Beer and Thyme sound pretty magical.