Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falafel and muffins—that’s normal, right?

Okay, I know we all had a time with that last post on brew-bet, but let’s get down to the serious stuff: The water filter we ordered back in December finally came and Alex installed it this weekend. Take a look at the difference in our drinking water!
…well, we can certainly taste the difference. The filter takes out everything! No more chromium, no more microbes, no more antidepressants (conspiracy: that the government puts in the water to keep us calm; real true fact: from runoff). If drinking water turns out to be how the zombie flu spreads, we should be set.  Ah, reverse osmosis—is there a better osmosis? I don’t think so.
So you aren’t here to read about my paranoia, fine. Do you want to hear about all the fresh local produce we had for dinner? Okay!
Nichols Farm had fresh garbanzo beans last week, and the little green pods have been sitting in my fridge all weekend, begging to become awesome. And, added to Nichols’s garlic and Vidalia onion, and our home-grown parsley, they did. Local veggies, exotic taste—what a world.
I used this recipe as my base, skipping the steaming step and the chives, and adding half a teaspoon of ground coriander.  
My mix was wet. I don’t know why. Near juicing the onion? Using raw, fresh beans? I bet the steaming would have at least helped with opening all those pods. My thumb hurts.
I haven’t worked up to deep-frying in my tiny kitchen, so the falafel balls became patties for pan frying. They were a little sloppy, and didn’t fry up as nice and crusty as I’d’ve liked, but the flavors were spot on. Served with a Nichols cucumber coated in Greek yogurt, the spicy cumin in these warm chickpea cakes killed it. I mean, this green dish was slammin.
We finished the meal with peach oat muffins, hold the applesauce, up the peaches. Look at me bake! Let’s name drop: over-ripened and needing-to-be-used peaches from Ellis Family Farms, Three Sister’s oats, and Ted’s whole-wheat flour. Nutty, juicy, peachy. Is this what Georgia tastes like? Breakfast tomorrow just got delicious.


  1. I'm very impressed with that falafel.

    But I thought you liked how your water tasted?

  2. Busted – I do love the taste of Chicago water... just not the poison.

  3. What a haul! And am so excited about your water.

    Also, you and I could ask Sham's dad to teach us some falafel making tricks? You could still use your own recipes afterwards, but maybe some tricks of the Arab trade for frying the falafel but it still staying moist? Let me know! Could be fun.