Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy delicious love vs. aliens

Everyone always talks about how relationships need communication, understanding, and the dreaded compromise. But why can’t we just be in love all the time, always getting along, always agreeing? I think you can. In fact, I know you can. That’s the kind of relationship Alex and I have… with the Purple Pig.

Every dish we’ve ever ordered has been delicious—even when it’s not what we expected, or even what we thought we wanted. It is a place without fear. No “That sounds interesting, but it might not be executed well… I’ll just go with my regular dish that I know is always good.” Because everything is standout. I guess what I’m saying is, relationships really just need trust… and deliciousness.
Yesterday, instead of having words over whether we would drive downtown or train it, Alex and I agreed to bike. We made an appearance at the farmers’ market, stopped for fluffy, tender buttermilk pancakes at the Pancake House, and hit the lake path.  After locking up our two-wheelers outside of AMC River East, we ran into a second potential quarrel—man movie or lady flick? …why not both?

So, we sandwiched our meal between Crazy, Stupid, Love (which was delightful, Alex and I agreed) and Cowboys and Aliens (which was exactly what you would think, in a good way). I love sandwiches.
The only disappointment at my birthday lunch was that PP’s fried, deviled egg is a dinner-only item. It was the first thing we ordered last night. Crunchy, soft, mustardy—yum. The caper berries in the accompanying salad were a particularly nice touch, their crisp, sour bite pairing perfectly with the egg. 
We also had a duo of salads, corn and heirloom tomatoes with arugula pesto, and calamari with fregola, radishes, cucumber and pistachios. The corn salad was fresh and tangy, while the calamari was cool and light, with a subtle nuttiness from the grain and pistachio components. My favorite was the calamari salad, though, as a radish enthusiast, I was hoping for more of the root. Alex thought they were best mixed together.
Next, we rode the fried pig’s ear train. Topped with a fried egg, these crunchy strips are best soaked in runny, yellow yolk. Alex has recently come around to kale chips, and enjoyed the crispy kale element of the dish. I thought the pickled banana peppers were the nicest touch, adding a necessary brightness to a rich flavor jungle.
To complete our Pig-out, as the low-creeping sun began to shrink the protective shadow of the patio’s purple tent, was chocolate-hazelnut soft-serve. This may be a “pictures are better than words” situation. The chocolate flavor is strong, but does not overpower the mellow hazelnut. Overall, it was cold, it was soft, and it was smooth.

Lest you think our tony lifestyle is getting too ritzy, let me say we had two free AMC passes (from that time I freaked out about my Priest refund—Paul Bettany, why?) and didn’t have to pay the 20-some dollars for four hours of parking.  …And after biking home we drove to Walgreens to buy glitter nail polish and then to White Castle for mozzarella sticks.  …And we have Season of the Witch from Netflix.  Keep it classy, Chicago.
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  1. cowboys, nail polish, calamari, pancakes, sunflowers, walgreens, nic cage!

    This post has it all.

    speaking of the cage, this is amazing:

  2. I filled in a mad lib to up my SEO.

  3. Love that y'all biked there! And that you moie marathoned. Was Ryan Gosling great?

    That looks delicious! What a great Saturday.