Monday, June 13, 2011

Smile like you mean it (and I do)

It’s my birthday! (Thanks! And happy my birthday to you!) Mom took me, my sister, and “the last triceratops” (as Alex dubbed himself in a bout of sleep talking) to the Purple Pig for lunch. And I’m sure everyone is curious about what we ate. 
Whipped feta and cucumber shmear with toasted bread. As good as it sounds, a perfectly cool spread for warm crusty bread.
Carrot salad with fig conserve. Very minty, flavorful, and refreshing.
Salami toscana, goat cheese and black-olive tapenade panini. Salty in the best way.
Octopus with green beans, fingerling potatoes and salsa verde. Meaty and light, I wish I could eat this on a bun at a baseball game.
Blistered marconi peppers with sea salt and garlic chips. The epitome of simple being delicious.
And for dessert: Panino con nutella
(“A sweet sandwich filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread, marshmallow cream and bananas”). I loved it. I loved every second of it.
I washed it all down with two glasses of cava. OHF. Oh how fantastic. Happy birthday to me, indeed.
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  1. I loved every minute of lunch (once we sat down). Thanks for growing up to be such a foodie.

  2. Oh does that dessert look good. OHF. OHF indeed.

  3. Yum! My favorite place! I would suggest that next time you get the crispy pig's ear. Dear god, please get the crispy pig's ear.

  4. Will do - I wanted the fried deviled egg, but they only serve it for dinner!

  5. I wish we could have this meal every lunch. Oh and that EVERYDAY WERE YOUR BDAY OF COURSE.