Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Burrata! That’s fun to say!

… so I know what I said yesterday about booting Ruthie and making dinner tonight. But it is 90 degrees out there and a thousand times muggy. Like everything feels damp muggy. And hot like you don’t want the couch to touch you back.  Too hot to fold laundry (as if I needed a reason not to). Is this what Bieber fever feels like?
While “cooked” might be a reach, I can certainly say that I put dinner together tonight. The pesto was homemade—I stretched some basil harvested from our office herb garden with carrot top greens, adding toasted almonds, garlic, pecorino, and olive oil. How could that ever be wrong? The asparagus was sautéed in the same pan used for almond toasting, which also served as the toaster for our crostini. It’s too hot to use more than one pan. Or plate. Dinner was served platter style.
May I call your attention to the top, right corner? That, friends, is burrata. The fine counter associate at Pastoral heard my call for fresh mozzarella and raised me one injected with cream. Outstanding. True as toast! 
Paper-thin salami, asparagus dipped in pesto, juicy tomato slices, rich mozzarella, and toasted baguette. Still lazy, but back on track. I may not have made it all, but I ate it all. Well, not all of it. Tomorrow’s lunch is going to be wizard.  


  1. The centerpiece of my dinner was also from Pastoral--last week's citrony goat cheese (the part not eaten during our end-of-the-quarter ceramics class potluck) meshed well with triscuits and leftover Arizona Arnie Palmer Iced Tea. Ah, the good life.

    Your centerpiece, however, had color as well as taste and fiber!

  2. So which is better: pesto with pine nuts or pesto with almonds?

  3. I'd say pine nuts (because of that distinct pine-nutty taste – but the almond pesto was really good, too. And less expensive (you know that's right).

  4. This is inspiring. Just saying.