Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alarming news: Potential for cucumberlessness growing

While I was off gorging myself in the filthy delicious NYC, my poor little indoor plants were suffering their first week of outdoor life. It was a hard one, Chicago spring alternated between 90-degree days and off-season sleet. I wish we would have planned better and been there for them during this rough transition period. Alex assures me that they can all bounce back, but the cukes don’t look nearly as vivacious in the ground as they did on our windowsill.
The basil seeds, however, are thriving. At least we’ll have pesto.
That photo was designed to trick you. I saw the above basil at the Daley Plaza market this morning. Our basil looks like this:
In lunch news, the gaztro-wagon’s new menu is outstanding. 


  1. BASIL TRICKERY! Yes. Pesto is promising and worth it!

  2. I fell for the basil trick, too.