Saturday, April 23, 2011

You can tell me all about what you did today (what you did today)

I’m a fan of tradition, a fan of ritual. I like to do things I enjoy again and again. I watch movies over and over. I put songs on repeat. On Saturdays Alex and I get coffee and eat croissants. Then we grocery shop. If the green market is open, we see the cows. We did all of those things today. It was lovely.
Flowers from the market
Tradition says we get one chocolate and one turkey/cheddar croissant from the Medici. One sweet, one savory, both buttery, flaky and delicious. 
Medici coffee has been failing to meet expectations as of late, so we tried the joe down the road at Istria Café. The bean guru made Alex his specialty drink, a caramel macchiato-type brew “with a kick” that he calls the Chuck Norris. Alex said it was “very flavorful” but burned his tongue. Chuck Norris tastes like pain.
Chuck Norris
We stopped by the garden and—miracle!—look what happened to the parsley overnight! This evidence has been tampered with. I bought a little parsley at the green market. The dirt where we planted our parsley seeds is suspiciously dirty, and I’ve become impatient.
Old parsley
New parsley
The one pea sprout is still hanging around, but no others have reached the surface. I don’t think they are growing down there. Gardening is hard. Good thing we have been collecting pea sticks to help our worthless plants in the next stage of their life cycle.
Pea sticks I keep tripping over
In better news, the indoor cucumbers haven’t suffered any more losses, in fact they are starting to identify themselves as cucumber plants: this new grapefruit-spoon-shaped leaf is their name tag.
Pecan artichoke salad
I was feeling down about the garden, so we ate some sweet, freshly shelled, raw pecans and did a little of this:
Feeling much better. But still want to find one of these:


  1. YAY! Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning. I'm glad you branched out on the coffee after being disappointed. We finally did that for Thai restaurants in Oak Park and found an AMAZING place in Berwyn, Bodhi Thai!

  2. Ritual is good. So is your writing.

  3. Sounds like a very lovely day. I want an Oberon mini keg too.