Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why I can't be a vegetarian

Team Buddy finally got its act together today and made it to brunch at locally minded Nightwood. Waiting this long was a mistake. They make bacon doughnut. Those are my two favorite words, so I'll say them again: bacon doughnut. 
It is sticky, salty, warm, fluffy, chewy, sweet, and fantastic. I don’t know if I am expressing how incredible it was, so I hope the glaze and fat glistening in these pictures help the doughnut speak for itself. Also, I may or may not have ruined my nautical-themed pashmina afghan scarf because I’m a sloppy messy baby, but it was worth it. BACON. DOUGHNUT. This is why I can’t have nice things.
Alex partook of a delightful breakfast sandwich: bagel, smoked trout cream cheese, fried egg, slaw, and bacon. Even though it was hard to eat, he didn’t get nearly as messy as I did eating one doughnut. The people at the table next to us were impressed, and he didn’t even show them his dance moves.
Let’s talk about the “tots.” Don’t let the casual name fool you, these shredded fried potato balls (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) are light, crunchy, and perfectly potato. They salt toast’s game. And the toast was grilled.
Additional praise for Nightwood brunch includes my admiration of their teacups, which are impeccably shaped for double-hand holding. A small detail, sure, but one that added to the agreeable nature of our meal. 
Let’s pull the focus back in for a minute, I fear I’ve buried the point some. BACON DOUGHNUT. Okay, I feel better.
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  1. What amazing photos! Even as a vegetarian, this looks fantastic. I'm glad you all pulled it together and made brunch! Looks like the perfect time.

  2. But did you like the bacon doughnut? I don't think you've made your point clear...

  3. Sorry—I worried that wasn't clear enough: It was fantastic.

  4. So good you even turned down a second doughnut at dinner.

  5. Serious Eats ran a piece on Nightwood today, pretty good stuff. No bacon donut unfortunately, but some pretty loving detail about burgers.

  6. Love their burgers! Alex discussed their virtues here: