Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Relish the radish

I have three words for you: French breakfast radishes. Are you on to them, too? I’m sure you are. I’m way behind the times and must lament: Why oh why did I waste all of those years eating only white foods? I’m so ashamed.
Ignore their unnerving resemblance to fingers and FBRs are perfect for snacking with a strong crunch and mild flavor. I considered replanting our empty pea field with my new favorite variety of radish, but the rebel army is starting to grow in earnest. Homegrown radishes will have to wait; market-bought radishes will wait no more.
Legend has it that slicing Fradishes thinly and eating them on fresh bread with a little salt and perhaps some butter is the height of breakfast delight. I took that to a new level for my lunch. Clap your hands and say “pecorino.”  The salty sheep’s milk cheese is a fantastic addition to an open-faced buttered baguette and radish sandwich.
The radishes also add a cool bite to a chive-pecorino scrambled egg sandwich. (The subtheme of this post is my reliance on baguette as a vehicle for radish consumption.)
Crisp, bright, and light these veggies are prettier in pink than Molly Ringwald—and I feel sure that given the chance they would pick Ducky. Yeah. I went there.


  1. Haha you and the white food!

    I don't think I've had FBRs before--how cute and colorful!

    Don't give up on peas!!!!

    (stupid iPhone thinks I'm a rock fighter.)

  2. We literally have these in our fridge right now. I love radishes.

  3. Did you slice the radishes with a mandoline?

  4. I think I could make several of these meals. And will. Where did you get your little radishes?

  5. Tobs – No mandolin, just a knife. I think a mandolin might be dangerous, given the circumstances surrounding my impeccable grace and coordination.

    Mom – Fradishes are from the greencitymarket.