Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prep work: the truth about gardening

My army has marched for more days than I can remember, and we still have preparations to make, so I'll make this plain: Gardening is exhausting. Today was 80 degrees and beautiful, perfect for riding bikes and messing around in our new plot. We did a lot of both (after a leisurely morning spent dog walking and watching The O.C.). 

First stop on our garden tour was, well, the garden. The soil looked sandy so it was decided that we needed conditioner and peat moss (whatever those are). Apparently, it is a very high maintenance yard. While we watered our insufficient dirt, mixing in coffee grounds, I lamented about not having seeds—we could order them, Alex assured me. No. I want to plant seeds now. 
Field trip! We headed rull far north up to Gethsemane, a two-block gardening superstore. With such nice weather, it was really bumping, but we found a nice expert to help us. Turns out we are way behind for cool weather plants, so no Brussels sprouts until fall.
We bought lettuce in starter plant form, and focused on warm weather seeds. Those little guys shouldn’t be planted until after the “safe date” (no more frost), estimated as May 15th, but we decided to try starting them inside, to give them a head start.
We went back to the garden and mixed the supplemental dirt in to our sand. We had planned to plant peas and parsley (which can stand cold weather) but the seeds have to soak for 24 hours! Gardening, man. How does this stuff grow in the wild when it is all so fussy? Alex has a theory that corn domesticated us.

Bikes, sweat, dirt, sun, humidity—we were ready for dinner by four. What better complement is there to a summery day than cheeseburgers? (And beer… we always have beer.) Toasted fresh potato buns from the Medici, sharp Vermont cheddar, and local ammonia-free ground beef from greencitymarket seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and woosh. Oh so good.
I need to go to sleep, but the journey will continue tomorrow; I think we’re going to need more hamburgers.


  1. Love the lettuce. Also love the seed packets' illustrations.

  2. Yay! This is so exciting. Kozy's was bumping too because of the amazing weather. Keep up the work! At least you'll be well versed and seasoned when it comes to brussel sprouts in the fall!

  3. Hanna, you guys are awesome.
    I want that burger.