Saturday, April 9, 2011

No guru, no method, no teacher: Just you and I and nature

We went to see Hanna last night. Not true: We went to see Your Highness last night, but it was trash. After sitting through the entirety of The Mummy Sucks Without Rachel Weisz both wanting to leave but thinking the other of us wanted to stay, we made a pact not to suffer anymore. So we tapped out of lame and into awesome.

Hanna is a biographical drama about my life as an assassin. My dad, Eric Bana, taught me all sorts of cool stuff in the forest, where I lived most of my life. Something about extreme isolation and dedication to training and survival really speaks to me.  Probably because I’m convinced that The System is going to fail. As part of my prep for the inevitable restructuring of civilization, I’ve starting beefing up on some necessary skills.
The newest skill I’m working on is gardening! Alex and I have been trying to find a place to practice a little sustenance farming in Hyde Park, but it hasn’t been easy. Getting into one of the coveted neighborhood gardens is like getting a job after college, you have to call your mom for connections. Ba-dum-ch.
Alex and I are lucky to be proud borrowers of half a plot in the most convenient garden in town: the one behind Starbucks! 
We don’t have any seeds or starters to plant yet, we don’t even know where to get them, but we have aerated and turned our soil, and dug up a thousand rocks, some weird old bulbs, and what I believe to be a buried house cat. (Alex says it was a plastic bag leftover from construction—what does he know?) I want to plant tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, and a thousand other things!  This summer we are taking fresh local produce to a whole new level. …And learning essential skills for surviving the zombie apocalypse.


  1. So excited to see what you grow! Hopefully you can learn enough to give ne advice on a porch herb garden. Not that herbs will keep me fed whilst hiding fromzombies, but it's a start.

  2. Love it. I have some websites that might be helpful, I'm going to send you an email.

  3. I laughed, I tried not to laugh, I kept laughing.

    By the way, do you plan to see HANNA? or do you feel you've already lived it? and do you think the character who tries to kill you in the movie is really your mom? Just wondering.

  4. We did see Hanna – we asked the kind theater staff to switch our tickets, essentially sending the inedible entree back to the kitchen and ordering something else.