Friday, April 1, 2011

Naan stop

Yesterday I was John Locke, loaded down with knives, hunting wild boar in my urban jungle. And I took down a fatty: the gaztro-wagon’s wild boar naanwich. Chicago’s food truck scene has had to face some hardships (namely, the law that prohibits any cooking in the truck itself) but gaztro-wagon’s naanwiches don’t seem to be suffering.
The naanwiches are warm and flavorful and delicious. If the outer taco of a burrito is a sheet, this flatbread is a down blanket warming up complex and diverse fillings on a cold windy night.
I’m sure ordering can be hard, but one naanwich called out to me with every word in its description: Wild boar belly. Fig and bacon relish. Fontina. Sage. Brussels sprouts. Bang-a-rang, Rufio.
The soft, chewy naan gives way to tender boar, melted cheese, and roasted nutty sprouts. It was salty, sweet, and packed with meat. It shut down our entire editorial department. All both of us were meat sauced for the afternoon, alternating between drowsiness and hysterical laughter. 

This post is both a warning and a recommendation.
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  1. Wild boar belly doesn't call out to me, but after reading this post, I kinda felt it whisper. Loudly.

  2. Well that down blanket and it's contents look delicious. I want one.