Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mac truck lacks pluck

Well, you can add the Southern mac and cheese truck to my food truck repertoire—and then you can subtract it.

I don’t have anything terrible to say about the mac truck, it just wasn’t good enough. They offered four styles and I chose sundried tomato, white cheddar, and caramelized onions. The flavors were okay, but the textures were off. The sauce was creamy, without being particularly cheesy, the breadcrumb topping was more of a garnish than a crust, and the pasta was dreadfully overcooked and not particularly hot, either. In a word? Mushy. I got a real conveyor belt vibe from the dish as a whole.
I didn’t mind the high price ($9)—if I weren’t bringing the leftovers home for my boy blue, it could easily have stepped in for lunch tomorrow, as well. But why waste a second meal on something that doesn’t meet my standards? Guess I’m a snob for delicious.
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  1. YUM! I love that we have the same food cravings in our separate lives. Sisters forever. I looked up a vegan, healthy "mac and cheese" recipe at lunch today. I'm going to use yellow peppers and cashews for the "cheese" sauce. Will probably throw in some nutrional yeast and some dried herbs/seasoning. And I need to buy that Spirooli contraption so that I can make zucchini noodles with which to cover in the "cheese" sauce!

  2. BUT BACK TO YOU. The important topic.

    At least it was a lot of food for $9? But, CMN, mac truck. You could have been so EPIC. This obvi needs more breadcrumbs judging by the photo.

  3. Maybe try making your own Mac and Cheese --- Civil War style! Call for details.

  4. I think everyone should be a snob for delicious. As a rule.

    Mairead: have you had Amy's frozen mac and soy cheeze? So good. And vegan. And like tons of protein.

  5. Sarah, YES. It is epic and amazing. I should stock up a few for us in case of emergencies. Thank you for the reminder!