Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden confidential

This may come as a shock to you—because I am normally so collected and smooth—but I am a nervous gardener.

Are the plants too close together? Are the holes deep enough? It’s too windy here! Will the lettuce drown? What if they don’t take to the new habitat? The soil is poisoned! What if it rains? Can they stay outside overnight? Can I catch a disease from the compost? Will you go check on the garden on your way to work and text me pictures so I know they are okay? Don’t touch your eyes!
But seriously, how many seeds go in each hole? And can you overwater? Would it have been better to plant in the morning? Should we have aligned the rows north-south instead of east-west?

And the big one: What if nothing grows?
It may not look like much yet, but I’m a garden mom now and responsible for the welfare of these plants. I want them to live happy healthy lives until I drizzle them with olive oil and balsamic and eat them.
For better or worse, the peas and parsley are in the ground. If we planted them correctly and if they can survive Chicago’s “spring,” we’ll be shelling peas in 70 days. Beloved patrons please note, my birthday is also in 70 days.  Let the countdown begin!


  1. 70 days is all it takes to grow peas? That's pretty impressive.

  2. These would be my worries, too! I'm going to go pay my 25-cent library fine so that they let me take out those gardening books for you tomorrow. But plants are FIGHTERS. Much like Marky Mark. They will be various degrees of OK!

  3. I managed to raise you. You will manage to raise peas. Emotionally scarred peas. But peas. In time to be eaten for the BIG day.