Monday, April 18, 2011

The first harvest

Well. The lettuce isn’t dead. Yet. With the cucumber population putting the “perish” in perishable and the seasonal April snow from this morning, I was worried. The crop situation is looking grim, so we decided to harvest some outer leaves off the lettuce to revive our spirits. I used shears to trim the larger leaves, and hope the plants continue to grow and produce salad greens.
The mesclun was delightfully fresh and crisp, but it didn’t have the healing effect I was hoping for. It’s nice to be eating something from our own garden, but we didn’t even really grow the lettuce. BTW, still no sign of life from the dirt where the peas are supposedly growing. Le sigh.
I’m still worrying and wondering. Did we harvest the lettuce in a way that will allow it to grow back and produce more? Are the peas too deep? Why haven’t they reached the surface?  Is the parsley overwatered? What is going on down there? Are we eating enough whole grains?

Fine, one of these questions is not like the others. But at least it is one I can answer: No, we are not. And I can do something about that.
So I made a quinoa salad. Warm, al dente grains tossed with garlic-chive infused olive oil, toasted almonds, and cubes of bold feta.
And I made oatmeal cookies. The chewy, molasses-driven, cinnamon-spiced, packed with raisins kind.
Grains accomplished. Garden... Not so much.


  1. What cute lettuce! We have quinoa just sitting around, maybe this is what I'll do with it.

  2. I still love that we both made quinoa unknowingly on the same day!

    It will be OK--at least you are trying! And in the future, you'll know more what to do and have experience, etc. Better than not going for it! Your veggies understand.