Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Through the sands of time and over the cliff of fate: An origin story

I have a theory that Alex comes from another universe or distant time. I think it happened like this: On a dark and stormy night at least a decade ago—perhaps centuries, who’s to say?—a servant girl is fleeing an impossibly cruel man on a majestic black steed. She is running through the brush when she stumbles near a rip in time (or space). She trips, the baby she is clutching close to her chest falls, rolling through the hole in universal matter. A bolt of lightning zags across the night sky—CRACK!—and the rip closes, taking the baby to an unknown time, an unknown land. On the other side, the baby continues to tumble, unraveling his cloth trappings and plummeting off a sudden cliff. But! His ragged blanket catches on a jagged tree branch that protrudes from the rocky ledge. There he dangles, lost to his own world, until a curious wolf happens upon him, no doubt drawn by his lonely cries. The charitable creature carries the baby through the pouring rain, depositing him in a basket of tortillas left waiting on the steps of a local monastery. The babe is returned to his own kind, but forever apart from his intended realm.

Whether or not he is originally from our world, Alex turned 25 yesterday. If he hadn’t been so insistent that we acknowledge the day, I would have just let is pass as another stepping-stone on the six-month countdown from Christmas to my birthday. In any case, we decided to celebrate the culmination of Alex’s youth like real grownups with a quiet dinner at home.  We popped a bottle of sparkling wine and settled in for classy supper for two.
I prepared a two-course menu of nachos and molten chocolate cake.  What? Nachos aren’t classy enough for you? Well, you aren’t eating the right nachos. These nachos are super.
Birthday nachos begin with El Milagro chips and Chihuahua cheese—top-quality Mexican ingredients for my top-quality Mexican button. Black beans stand in for meat and Greek yogurt replaces sour cream, adding two super foods to this birthday extravaganza.  To top off the triangular bites of glory, I made Alex’s mom’s guacamole.  This isn’t the over-garlicked, tomato-packed guac of your last block party. It is zesty with lime and full of fresh cilantro flavor.  Plus, avocados add a third super food to the lineup. If you count the chips as whole grains, these nachos hit four super foods! ...probably just the first three count. Still, that’s pretty good.

Imagine the perfect mouthful: melty crunchy tangy smooth. Nachos!
No birthday is complete without cake, so I gave the “molten” minis another shot and—birthday miracle!—they came out with chocolate lava centers.  

Recipe successipe, grownups for the win.

Green guacamole
Two or three ripe avocados
Juice of one lime
A handful of coarsely chopped fresh cilantro leaves
A few splashes of Tabasco
Salt to taste

Smash it all up and eat it.


  1. Can I have the same meal for MY birthday? Please.

  2. Note to Blog Author: Next time you post a origin story could you please include the original document. Some people may want to read it in its native language, not just your translation.



  3. That guac sounds PERFECT. I can't wait to try it. The first paragraph slayed me and made me, yet again, so grateful to have you as a sister.