Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leave the gun, take the [salami]

We rounded out Alex’s birthday week with dinner at Scoozi! While the restaurant punctuates its own name with exclamation, Alex and I happen to agree. Scooz is the first place where we had a table (#100—a corner booth, to boot) and the first place where we had “a guy” who knew our usuals (Dre—the most greatest, generous, up-beat waiter/person in the biz (both “the bizs,” actually—he’s moving to LA to be a movie star)). I fell for Scooz’s profiteroles back in the day, and Alex joined later on account of their classic chicken parm, fantastic calamari (accompanied by fried lemons and chilies), banging chopped salad, and outstanding service (VIPs, what?).

…No, I don’t have any pictures for you. What? It was Earth Hour Saturday and mad dark on account of the lights being off. Fine: Here’s one of ’erbody and the dog on their pooch-friendly patio last summer. Blurry and delightful.
BEFORE dinner, Alex and I stopped by pastoral and picked up some salami and cheese. Contributing more Italian flair to our weekend, that’s what I want to talk about tonight—and I have pictures.
Salami. Salami! Is there a better way to get pork fat into your system? … bacon… prosciutto… pancetta… Fine. But, salami! For our famous Sunday lunch, Al and I enjoyed a no-maintenance feast that was high in flavor and low in preparation. Light and crispy French baguette, sharp-sharp 8-year-old Wisconsin cheddar, creamy tangy triple crème, and the star, Salumeria Biellese finocchiona.
From quality-dedicated salami artists in New York, finocchiona packs the traditional salty/peppercorn punch with added grandeur: fennel seeds. The slight licorice flavor adds balance and distinction, softening some of the bite from our strongly flavored cheese counterpoints. Sliced paper thin, this salami was delicate in form and flavor. It makes you want to get into the olive oil business; this is Corleone-level salami. All I’m saying is, if offered, I wouldn’t refuse.


  1. I wouldn't refuse it either. If offered.

  2. This is the best! Sorry we missed Alex's birthday--we've got something for him from Paris, though.