Friday, March 4, 2011

Day six: That is… Day seven: The end

So… I don’t know if you’ve been paying enough attention to notice this but… I did my math wrong. Saturday was technically the first day of the Master Plan program, and yet I gave Sunday the title of “day one.” …I’m an English major: Math, no so good.

In any case, today marked the end of our week-long adherence to scheduled eating and the plan was to go out for dinner.  There were a couple of caveats we had to take into account:
  1. Nothing tastes like anything because of my cold. I drank five cups of peppermint tea in an hour so I could enjoy a free cupcake.
  2. I finally watched Food, Inc. and decided I didn’t trust most of our go-to restaurants to be buying ingredients worth eating.
The answer? XOCO. Big bold spicy flavors and thoughtfully selected vendors!

For dessert: we ventured over to a lot at Randolph and Peoria to see a Chicago Banksy.
And that’s it. I baked, we fried, we laughed, I cried. All in all, a nice little experiment.  I won’t be scheduling next week’s mealsalthough, I did enjoy having such a complete shopping list. That’s one thing I’ll try to take away from this experience. Read: An English major searches for meaning. 


  1. You baked, you fried, I laughed, you cried. Thanksy for the memories.

  2. That was (one of) my concern(s) suggesting you watch Food Inc.!