Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beer me Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout salads were the vogue in 2010, and the Purple Pig menu hosted one of my favorites. Shaved raw sprouts and citrusy dressing make the dish light and fresh, while lots of grated pecorino and parmigiano make it decadent and rich. I’m not in the habit of trying to recreate dishes from my favorite restaurants, but, worried this would go out of style, I gave replication a try. 
I ended up with a simplified version of PP’s b-sprout salad that is just lovely. Frankly, it probably tastes good because it is so simple. It is rull simple. Fur rull. 
I rinsed, de-outerleaved, and halved a bunch of jumbo Brussels sprouts, then thinly sliced them to the stem.  This process garnered me about a cup and a half of prepped sprout shavings.  That’s about how much you’ll need for two people.  Dress with the juice of half a lemon and a fine drizzle of olive oil and toss with at least a quarter cup of salty, grated pecorino romano and/or parmigiano reggiano (whatever is on hand). Season to taste depending on how salty your cheese is and how much you use… we didn’t need much salt.
I try to incorporate a raw element into our meals, and this one really hits the spot. Crisp cabbage flavor balances sharpness from the cheese and the tart bite of lemon. Brussels-sprout enthusiasts take note: this salad is easy and delicious. 
In other edible news, to celebrate the official end of winter at the start of Oberon season (you know that’s right), I am drinking my emergency Oberon saved from 2010.  

Let’s do this, spring—I want to ride my bike with an Oberon daybuzz.


  1. I love Brussels sprouts but for some reason I feel like they have to be cooked all the time. Next time I get them I'll prepare them this way. It looks so light and refreshing. What did you eat with the salad? Tortellini with sauce?

    Nice glass, by the way. Does it miss its mate? Mine does...

  2. Tortellini in "red sauce" as Alex would say – I think it may have paired better with the salami and cheese meal, but it was quite good with the pasta.

    My cup is only half of a whole... but it matches Oberon quite nicely.

  3. After the night bike tour in Paris with a wee wine buzz, I understand this post so well. I want to try to make this! Great post.