Sunday, March 6, 2011

All things super

The Iditarod starts today and I couldn’t be more excited! We are so ready with our Ultimate Insider package, which, I quote from the website, is “Video + GPS = 100% Awesome.”  In honor of Lance Mackey—four-time winner, defending champ, and prospective officiate at my glacier-top wedding—Alex and I had wild Alaskan salmon for our Sunday lunch. I know—I don’t even like salmon! Well, that’s not entirely true, it’s just that I’ve always associated salmon with fluffy white Persian cats eating from tiny crystal goblets. Thanks to Lance Mackey, the miracle machine, I will no longer consider salmon to be cat food. Instead, it will be known as the food of champions!
I’m sensing that some of you aren’t that super excited about the Iditarod.  Didn’t you see Balto? Perhaps the most influential film of my childhood, this Kevin Bacon classic ignited my love of James Horner soundtracks (what up, Braveheart?) and led to my 2006 pilgrimage through NYC to the me-what?-memorial in Central Park. I highly recommend watching Iditarod: The Toughest Race on Earth on NetflixInstant. Should I tell you that I’ve watched it seven times this year? Because I have! Get on board, kids, the sled is leaving for Nome as we speak! (I should point out that these particular sleds aren’t made for “tourists,” but that would ruin my metaphor.)
Don't mind the bow in my hair... that was a phase.
Lance isn’t entirely responsible for my newfound Salmon enthusiasm. This week at work we held a Super Food competition to see who could eat the most servings of foods that are super for you. A list was compiled, ingestion was tallied, and I was pronounced the winner: 50 to 45. I edged out my competitor by drinking a thousand cups of peppermint tea and supplementing with raw cacao beans. Not my best work.

Wild Salmon (bt-dubs, super expensive, but worth it) was one of two proteins on the list (the other was turkey) and it was the topic of much conversation this week. It’s good for your heart, brain, arteries, eyes, skin, and more! As reigning Super Food champ, it would be a disgrace for me to continue shunning such a super fish. So in honor of the salmon we were eating in honor of my hero, I constructed a secondary theme for lunch: Super Food.
I found a salmon recipe that included orange juice and ginger (two more items from the Super Food list) and served it with an orange, fennel, and olive salad (olives and olive oil also made the list). Lunch was colorful and flavorful, and I managed to get four Super Foods into one meal! Not too shabby. You know what else isn’t too shabby? Winning five Iditarods in a row. Go Lance!


  1. This looks incredible! Enjoy your race!

  2. Ah, yes, the 2006 NYC trip. Watching Hanna wait with a bunch of six-year-olds to take photos with Balto=priceless.


  3. Speaking of superfoods, be careful, Hanz, or this is how you could wind up (come to think of it, being an 86-year-old billionaire isn't that bad):

  4. This salad is gorgeous! Super photography and writing, too! BTW, would you mind if I shared a link to this blog with a friend of Jerry's? She is a food and nutrition major at IUP, and has been "properly vetted" by your uncle! As your admiring aunt, I think everyone should read this blog: it is funny, informative and edgy. But I wasn't sure if you wanted it randomly shared!

  5. Hanna,

    Than you for agreeing to have my friend Rachel to view and otherwise participate in the happenings at "hannalamode." You'll like Rachel, I think, for you two have many common interests, and like you, Rachel is very bright and dynamic.

    Currently, Rachel is an undergraduate student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), at which your Great Grandmother Gosnell, your Grandmother Yoe, and, of course, your Aunt Beth studied. IUP is also the place where I taught the most years, among a group of places at which I taught.

    I love your blog. Thank you for initiating it and for maintaining it. Keep up the good work, please.

    Thanks, again!


    Uncle Jerry