Friday, February 18, 2011

The boxing lesson

Tonight I made 60 cupcakes to help my dad and Peggy with the Tet party they are hosting tomorrow in honor of Vietnamese New Year.  While I creamed together sugar and butter for chocolate-chip buttercream frosting, I listened to Alex explain a boxing match to my four-year-old sister.
“The guy with the red gloves is trying to knock out the guy with the gold gloves.”
“To win. They’re fighting.”
“Are they friends?”
“No. That’s why they are fighting.”
“What are they wearing?”
“On their hands?”
“Those are gloves.”
“So they don’t hurt themselves hitting each other.”
“Who is going to win?”
“The guy with the red gloves… See, the guy with the gold gloves is getting tired, that’s why he’s leaning into the other one. He needs a break.”
“Who is going to get knocked down?”
“Knocked out.”
“Knocked down?”
“Knocked out.”

Peggy, who was making homemade broth for pho on the stove behind me looked up to ask a question of her own, “Who is Alex talking to?”


  1. Hahahahahahahahah perfection!

  2. She is so unbelievably photogenic. And so are those cupcakes. Were they delicious?

  3. They were very good - well, a little overcooked because I didn't remember to turn the timer on.