Thursday, December 23, 2010

The bombe strikes back

It worked! The bombe was a success.  I tricked my mother into hosting a holiday party so I could showcase my cooking assembly skills.  Praise for the ice cake included: “This is da bombe!” and “It didn't bomb!” and “If the TSA were here, they'd have to confiscate this bombe.”  They certainly thought they were clever. 

After a few rounds of bananagrams, I turned out the bombe and ganached it.  The pistachio and chocolate ice creams were smooth and rich, and the icy raspberries added a nice tart bite.  But let’s be honest, I thought it could have been boozier. 
And, for those of you reading with lactose-intolerance issues, keep in mind that you could make this with sorbet.  Bombes are fun and festive, and you should make one for your family so you can roll around in the punny praise, too… though, I wouldn’t recommend taking it to the airport in a cooler.


  1. Bombes away! A bit bombe-bastic but not quite over the top. More alcoholic, so you could get bombed? Can I keep the puns exploding? I think not.

    Thank you, Hanna.

    So Fred said, "Could WE make this?" The pistachio and raspberry combo was almost intoxicating, wine be damned.

  3. Maybe I will try a sorbet bombe. Thank you for a non-dairy alternative for us lactards!