Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sushi: A miracle

Alex and I finally rode the sushi train this weekend. I’ve been out to Japanese a number of times with Sarah, my bff and college roommate, but I stuck to the schnitzel of Japanese cuisine: chicken katsu. And though my sister regularly makes her own maki rolls, I’ve never lined up to try themrice makes me nervous. There are just too many of them. What we experienced yesterday was nothing short of a miracle.

After a rainy walk to the farmers’ market for cabbage and honey, Alex and I decided to clean. We’ve been squatting in our own home. Underneath the socks, books, and stray cheerios, we found a coupon. Buy one brunch get the second for $1. Done and done. We dropped our rags and dustpans on the spot. (That last part is a lie.)

In any event, we headed out to brunch at the bistro belonging to the coupon only to find an empty restaurant. My dreams of croque monsieur washing down the gutter with the leaves, I gave up hope of happy late lunching.

Behold the miracle: We had parked directly outside of Tank Sushi, which, I had on good authority, is delicious and offers a half-off menu with select rolls on Saturdays and Sundays between 1 and 5 pm. It was 1:04. We had already paid the box. And we were hungry.

In we went. We ordered two bowls of miso soup for strength and then it was time for maki rolls. The menu was scary. WTF is tobiko? Masago? Unagi? But we did not falter. I rattled off three makis to the waitress and the miracle was complete.

Out of our three-roll trial the veggie tempura (sale price $3.50!) was my favorite. One word why: sweetpotato. I love sweet and salty, and it paired really well with the bright bite of the pickled ginger. We went with the Philly as a safe option: obvs, cream cheese and smoked salmon are best friends. Alex thought it was much improved by wasabi, but spicy isn’t my game. We rounded out lunch with Ika makifried calamari, avocado, srirachamy gift to Alex. Those came topped with slightly crunchy, tiny green orbs, like caviar-inspired sprinkles. I have no idea what they were. It was all very exciting.

A few cups of green tea and one pair of abandoned chopsticks later, we left satisfied and trendier worldlier.


  1. Where to start! What great sushi shots. Also, SUSHI DESTINY. Sweet potato is one of our favorites, too. Can't wait to have you guys over to make our own sometime soon. We can even go together to Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket, as a fun field trip beforehand!

  2. I'm so proud that you had your first sushi experience! Beautiful photos, too